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Painting and drawing has been my love since
childhood and now that I am in the fortunate
position of being semi retired I have more time to indulge this passion and I hope you will find something here to enjoy.
In the past few months, we have unexpectedly added to our canine family, SO we are proud to now to share our home, not only with our choccy lab Molly but with Sam, a gorgeous choccy lab/spaniel cross.  It's great, they have birthdays within 2 days of each other and have become firm friends.
  It's fun and causes many comments to walk the lanes and woods with 2 rich brown and very fit young dogs.
3rd February 2018
A couple more paintings have been added.  Our darling Molly pup, a painting I'm still working on in the dog's page and a little Shetland pony.
 Something to bear in mind if ever you think of getting one of these African Grey parrots, thinking that they could be a 'fun' pet - they can live for a great many years.  They become very attached to their people and can become heartbroken and disturbed when deprived of company and attention. Some will pluck out their feathers and show other signs of real unhappiness.
 Not an animal to be taken on lightly.
  See the Commissions page for more information.
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